Joanna Cullen     
for Seattle Schools 

Seattle School Board
Director District #5

I have the commitment, experience, and common sense to effectively work with my colleagues and community to ensure a true collaborative and equitable approach.  I ask for your vote. 

I will be accountable for my results, not my hard work.

Thank you to all who supported and advised me and to all who voted for me.   Joanna.

  • Schools must nurture the academic, social, emotional, and physical success of every student.
  • Teachers make the difference.  Classroom support and staff development necessary to succeed must be guaranteed.
  • The School District must fully engage with and empower families and their communities at all levels and ensure that all receive fair and equitable treatment.
  • We must strategically direct more of our resources to the classroom  while also lobbying our lawmakers to ensure full funding of our schools.
  • Together we can build strong excellent neighborhood and alternative schools that celebrate Seattle's cultural and social diversity.
  • Strategically utilize our Community Partners  for  wrap around services such as before and after school programs and activities, along with developing pre-K programs for all children.
  • Guarantee proper support within the principal corps and District leadership for our special education students and their families and for our advance learning programs.

The School Board must ensure that the District Curriculum and Textbook Adoption committees are representative of parent and teacher concerns and expert  knowledge.  It is common for textbooks and specific curriculum to be supplemented.  No textbook or supplement will be helpful if the teachers do not receive proper staff development and planning time to implement it in the classroom .